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Website Before & Afters

1:1 Businss coaching


The revised website has a more modern feel with imagery and photos of the therapist with new branding and colors. Headlines are used to show the who, what and how of the client's business and include a clear call to action. 

Clarifying questions and answers are just under the fold and an introduction video and quiz have been added. There is a small bio that links to the About page and Testimonials have been revised. Now there's a clear way to sign up for classes with times, dates and location is linked. We also added a pop up that displays after 4 seconds, which can be seen here


The client is a psychotherapist and dance movement specialist based in Lakewood, CO. She shifted her practice from traditional 1-1 psychotherapy to group based drama workshops. 

Her site included stock imagery, was font heavy and didn't include enough info about who she is and why she's the perfect person to guide the Brave Women's Transformation Project. The home page conveyed who would benefit from her sessions but little about her offerings and specifics on times and dates for these in person classes. 


The client is a psychotherapist and provides clinical supervision for other therapists in Portland, Oregon. Her previous website was DIY and she was looking to revise, modernize and include less text but maintain the same amount of information. 

Her site included questions to potential clients but did not answer these to show how she could help alleviate their concerns. Pages contained lengthy paragraphs making it even less likely viewers would remain on her site long enough to decide to contact her to schedule a consult. 

Social Media Strategy


The revised website has fewer pages with more subpages, includes peacock imagery and new branding colors. The client's about page has been revised to showcase her specific trainings and certifications and all pages use short blocks of text and bullet points for ease of reading.



All contact options are linked and the result is a more modernized version with more precise language around how her therapeutic approach can address issues related to anxiety, trauma and body image. 

How am I Different From Other Copywriters? 

  • I Specialize in B2C Service Based Professionals especially lawyers, therapists and coaches.
I know these industries well and understand what their clientele is looking for in order to book with you. 
  • I Offer Advice About Merging your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts.
As a marketing professional with agency experience, it's a hard habit to break.  
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