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Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition

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What makes you unique? Why would someone select your service or product from among your competition? Your USP or UVP, aka Unique Value Proposition is THE thing that sets you apart.

Location Dependent USP -

Sometimes, it may be that you are the only person who offers ADHD organizing services in your town. This is a location dependent USP and it could disappear if another organizer expands their services.

Your Promise/Guarantee/Warranty -

Or you could offer a guarantee or warranty that no one else is, showing that you are willing to stand by your service or product in a way that others won't. For the organizing business this could be that "if for any reason you are unsatisfied in the first 30 days following the service, you'll make a 30 min follow-up visit for free.

Whatever it is, your business's USP is one of the most important things to develop and get comfortable talking about. It is a part of your elevator pitch and it will require you to research pain points in your industry and what similar businesses are doing.

USP Might Be Your Onboarding Process -

Let's say you own a housecleaning business. From my experience, a housecleaner usually wants to know how large your space is and how many hours you want to hire them for. Square footage is helpful to determine the length of time it will take, but what if you only want the main floor cleaned? It boils down to a weird exchange where you pay roughly $30/hour depending on where you live and you just hope that five hours is enough.

Some cleaning businesses drive home the importance of a regular schedule by charging significantly more for a deep clean vs. a standard cleaning visit. This doesn't leave a lot of room for specificity for a homeowner who wants only certain tasks to be completed.

For instance, if a cleaning company had you fill out a Google Form asking questions like, Do you need floorboards cleaned? etc. the client would feel heard and there wouldn't be a lot of discussion later about why a certain task wasn't done. When touting how your cleaning business is customizable, you would use wording like "client controlled cleaning" or "a la carte cleaning tasks"

Ask Your Regulars Why They Chose You -

If you're an established business, ask your repeat customers why they chose you over your competition. You could do this with a short Survey Monkey included in an email, at a client appreciation event, or face to face at their next visit. You may discover a USP you were not even aware of.

How to Word Your USP -

At (Name of Business), we _______ by ________

At Customized Cleaning, we clean exactly what you want with our detailed survey and employee walkthrough.

Final Note:

Make sure that you don't confuse your USP with your tagline. Make sure your USP is clearly found on the home page of your website. Don't be afraid to refine it as your customer's needs evolve.

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